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For your team’s enablement process

We want our diverse clients and customers to fully grasp the analytics experience for their business. MTC offers various comprehensive trainings tailor-fitted to the needs and requirements of every businesses and organizations.

We deploy our teams to your sites for a hands-on training, or we could do virtual trainings held at the comfort and convenience of your own workplace.

Implementing a training program for different solutions offered will help organizations equip their internal teams and manpower with necessary skills and experience required to process data and analytics platforms using a wide range of technologies.

For Qlik training, MTC offers the following:

Basic Qlik Sense Enablement

– Serves as an introductory workshop on the rudiments of Qlik Sense, its functions, and features. Participants are expected to learn and understand the basic how to’s in creating and customizing Qlik dashboards.

Qlik Sense for Business Users (1hour) Qlik Sense for Business Analysts (3hours)
 – Qlik Sense features
– Basic tutorial
 – Qlik Sense features
– Basic tutorial
– Dashboard creation and customization
– Application development via Data Manager

·         Has an existing Qlik Sense Enterprise license or Qlik Sense SaaS license
·         Highly analytical person

Advanced Qlik Sense Enablement – for Data Architect and Business Analyst

Serves as an enhancement training for existing users with a more advanced Qlik experience and knowledge.

  • Scripting capabilities
  • Calculations expressions
  • Qlik Geo Analytics
  • Qlik Embedded Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics Integration with R
  • Alteryx and Qlik Sense Integration for advanced analytics


Please get in touch with us for any concerns and requests for demonstrations on any of our solutions. We’ll help you gain your competitive edge in the market and make use of your data. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest news, trends, and updates on business intelligence and data solutions.