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The retail industry has long been one of the biggest players in the Philippine economy. In 2018, retailing accounted for about 23 percent of the total services industry in the Philippines, with it being the major growth driver of the services sector with total gross value added (GVA) in real terms increasing by 1.8 times to P1.22 trillion in 2018 from P686.3 billion in 2009.

The success attained by this industry translates to more productive and competitive business players and corporations. As the business paradigm shifts to digital channels, the retail industry is also swiftly undergoing major transformations. Consumers are becoming more digitally empowered, allowing them to them to make informed choices about various services and products. With resources readily available for everyone, today’s consumers can easily identify their needs and wants and compare them before making the decision to buy.


With the current economic state today, more consumers are also encouraged to use online platforms to purchase goods and services. With the consumers’ changing needs and soaring expectations, it is inevitable and imperative for companies to leverage their data to get consistent and insightful results. These could ultimately lead them to improve their customer satisfaction and maximize profitability.

MTC, being in the data solutions industry for more than a decade now, is committed to helping small, medium, and large businesses grow further through the effective use and analysis of their data. We implement modern retail solutions that will allow companies to have full control and insight to the entire supply chain – from order to fulfilment – to meet customers’ growing demands.

All facets of a retail business made better with our services

Finance and Executive Management
Information technology
marketing and customer service
human resources
merchandising and buying
store operations
supply chain
warehouse, transportation and logistics

Some of the biggest and well-known retail companies in the Philippines partner with MTC for faster and smarter customer-centric retail operations: