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MTC Celebrates 13th Anniversary, Commends Customers and Employees

When it rains, it pours.

Despite the rain on a Monday evening, Micropinnacle Technology Corporation successfully celebrated its 13th Anniversary with a face-to-face client appreciation and fellowship event at The Penthouse 8747, May 23, 2022.

The gathering was a momentous event for MTC, as it was the first time the company ever staged a physical event, the last being in November 2019 for a Summit Party.

Journey To 13 was this year’s overarching theme of the celebration, as the company and stakeholders relive and look back on the journey they have had together since MTC’s inception in 2009.

The gathering saw a reunion and celebration of camaraderie and partnership among colleagues, customers, and partners. The event was also highlighted with an awarding of appreciation for customers and clients, service award for MTC employees, and an introduction for MTC’s new Data Governance offerings for businesses.

Multicare Pharmaceuticals Inc’s President, Gabriel Georgy, extended the company’s gratitude and appreciation to MTC for being their trusted partner in IT solutions and analytics since 2014. “We didn’t realize how much we rely on you daily, until something goes wrong until we realize we really need MTC for our business. We are looking forward to many more fruitful years of working together”, Georgy added.

Lyle Legaspi, MTC’s Consulting Director, shared a glimpse of what’s in store in the next years for MTC. “For 12 years, MTC has been focused on being a great provider of exceptional services. Now, we are looking at the big picture where MTC will focus on being your greatest partner for your data transformation”. Moving forward, MTC, as a solutions provider, will create a roadmap that entirely focuses on data quality, data literacy, and data access. It endeavors to make the organization literate and accelerate analytics adoption and fine grain access in accordance with data policies.

Meanwhile, employee service awards were given to team members who have been in the company for more than five (5) years. The company lauded their commitment and passion to serving the customers while strengthening their potentials and skills. The service awardees for this year’s 13th Anniversary were Mark Anthony Sacluti (Technical Director), Bill Salalima (Project Manager), Mark Anthony Ticoy (Analytics Team Lead), Jomar Ebonite (Senior Solutions Consultant), Glenn Dael (Senior Solutions Consultant), and Reylan Ranillo (Company Driver).

The guests were serenaded with live band and music and were entertained with few games with prizes. Health and safety protocols were followed inside the venue during the event.


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