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Modern Data Management to Enable Analytics for Customer Insights: MTC-Talend Executive Roundtable Meeting

Last July 19, 2023, Wednesday, an Executive Roundtable Meeting was hosted by Micropinnacle Technology Corporation (MTC), in partnership with Talend. The five-hour roundtable meeting was held at Sheraton Hotel Manila. 

The participants in the event were CIOs, CTOs, IT Executive Leaders, and decision makers from seven companies across various industries. Also present in the event were MTC’s CEO, Mr. Gener Manantan; MTC’s President and COO, Ms. Joanne Tan-Lacap; and Talend’s Country Manager, Ms. Vivian Galan, together with resources from Talend and Qlik.

The event focused on a close discussion regarding organizational pain points and exploration on how business can drive real value by maximizing the available data that could lead to achieving company objectives, increasing revenue, and mitigating risks.

It was indeed a substantial roundtable meeting as it started off with a presentation from Talend’s Strategic Customer Success Manager for the ASEAN Region, Mr. Vikas Vadher. He highlighted the importance of data health in every organization. Lack of understanding in data could cause organizational problems that can be solved by the combination of technology, people, process, and top management. People are urged to develop an engagement with data instead of leaving it all up to technology, which is just the enabler of data; it is still the people or data owners who should govern data. The speaker emphasized that good data results in good decision making.

It was followed by MTC’s Consulting Director, Mr. Lyle Legaspi, who presented The Value of Analytics. From data strategy to the value driven by data and its returns, he had a brief yet comprehensive discussion. Moreover, part of the presentation included Customer Data Platform that showed the process from operations, to deriving data, and lastly delivering data through various modes such as email, web, and the likes. Alongside the use cases were the multiple benefits of utilizing the platform, and on top of it is creating a unified customer view. He also pointed out the significance of having an Enterprise Analytics Roadmap to minimize IT and business mistakes.

Thereafter, the Senior Vice President Chief Data Officer of Security Bank, Mr. Patrick Meneses, joined the event as he shared their data journey. The key points of his talk were simple: leadership, architecture, and people, which are all interconnected. The top management holds the decision in terms of how the organization will design and architect its processes based on the modern world trends and innovations. And it isn’t a secret that people are one of the most important assets in an organization, hence it is important to establish an ecosystem for them to grow and develop as part of the organization.

It wasn’t enough to simply talk about solutions that drive real value. Talend’s Regional Manager of Solutions Engineering, Mr. Siddarth Kotnala, conducted a concise product demonstration to let participants witness how Talend works. It started off with showing the data inventory and a glimpse of Talend Studio. Then, he showcased what can be done in Talend Cloud Data Fabric wherein users can navigate through Data Preparation Application and Data Stewardship. The platform is capable of integrating, cleaning, governing, and delivering reliable and accessible data allowing users to make the right decisions.

Before the event officially ended, a panel discussion took place with MTC’s Technical Team Lead, Mr. Glenn Dael, as the moderator of the session. The points of discussion include Qlik and Talend solutions and how it affects and complements each other, the transformation process of adopting Talend, the storage capacity of Talend Cloud Data Fabric, how to get the top management’s approval in terms of adopting a data solution, and the competitive advantage of Talend. The panel, consist of Mr. Vikas Vadher, Mr. Lyle Legaspi, and Mr. Siddarth Kotnala, discussed use cases that relate to the organizational concerns participants raised. 

Generally, the event provided an opportunity for in depth discussion on driving real business value through Modern Data Management to Enable Analytics for Customer Insights.

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