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Empower Excellence: An Exclusive Roundtable and Whiteboarding Event

Micropinnacle Technology Corporation (MTC), in partnership with Teradata, had the honor of hosting an exclusive roundtable and whiteboarding event for executives from various industries. It was a two-day event held at EDSA Shangri-La and Grand Hyatt, respectively.

The event was graced with the presence of MTC’s CEO, Mr. Gener Manantan; MTC’s President and COO, Ms. Joanne Tan-Lacap; Teradata’s Partnerships and Alliance in ASEAN, Mr. Elgie Yeo; and Teradata’s ASEAN Head of Sales, Mr. Lin Jing Yang. This event highlighted the new face of Teradata and its transformation journey, along with the technological disruptions and fast changing trends in data and analytics, the key challenges in business processes, and preparing businesses for what the future holds.

There were four substantial topics on data and analytics that were facilitated by Teradata’s Cloud Evangelist, Mr. Chris Jackson. The first topic of discussion was Maximizing Value From Your Investment in Data Management and Analytics. The attendees were challenged with a question on how they can convert data from customers into meaningful insights. It wasn’t only the evolution of data that was given importance but also the evolution of value that businesses could benefit from. The facilitator also presented the Hierarchy of Needs in Data that is an essential tool to guide businesses on what they should do with their data. Gathering data is easy, but taking the most appropriate course of action is a different story.

Another key discussion point is Future-proofing Your Analytic Architecture that accentuated the Modernize Cloud Architecture which will help businesses become agile in terms of sharing and managing their data. This data management solution features simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use. However, the act of moving into the cloud is considered a common problem across industries in which attendees shared their sentiments on the challenges they are dealing with that’s relatable to everyone on the table.

Thereafter, the discussion was followed by Fostering Innovation with AI and ML At-scale that focused on the execution of business models and the challenges it entails. The importance of tracking actions and results were also pointed out as the process shouldn’t stop with just merely knowing and understanding a model. Lastly, Managing Your Cloud Transition gave an overview on how businesses should prepare for this huge step and the strategies to take into account. The concerns to shift are valid, but cloud creates multiple opportunities for your business but only if its utilization were maximized. As stated by Mr. Jackson, “You can opt not to move into the cloud, but your competitors will, and there’s no stopping them”.

Overall, the exclusive event was a valuable opportunity to talk over the attendees’ vision for their organizations, the current processes they have, and the experiences and struggles they are encountering. Also, they are challenged to think about answers to situational business problems provided by the facilitator. This interactive and engaging two-day session has paved the way to connect the value a data solution provides as an answer to every pain point. With this, MTC and Teradata aims to help small, medium, and large enterprises Empower Excellence.

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