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Many industrial manufacturing companies in the Philippines deal with complex processes, often with equally complex relationships across the supply chain with vendors and suppliers. Manufacturers have an influx of big data coming in from operations and other functions in the organization. Although the industry is traditionally good in leveraging data, the vast amount of structured and unstructured data they have receiving have become a great challenge to them, on top of the increasing production and integrating supply chains.

Nowadays, manufacturing companies can turn their large amount of data into competitive advantages. With the use of data technologies and business intelligence platforms, companies can create new and immense streams of data which can be relevant for predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and other supply chain applications.

Industrial manufacturing businesses can become more efficient and productive with the help of big data. It allows them to make better decisions by identifying trends and challenges, forecast demand and production, monitor production processes for optimized quality, and gain insights to generate accurate pricing strategies.

With effective data solutions and proper BI platforms deployed in the system, manufacturing companies can make faster and more profitable solutions, while gaining real-time visibility across the entire supply chain. Easy and effective collaboration among partners and key customers are now much more possible for a more improved business agility for intelligent, demand-driven manufacturing.

At MTC, we tailor-fit the unique needs of our clients from this industry to deliver an effective BI platform for their business.


✓   OEE Dashboard

✓   Equipment Availability

✓   Equipment Performance

✓   Yield

✓   Yield KPI

✓   Output

✓   Barrel In


✓   Inventory Dashboard

✓   Inventory Details



✓   Finance Dashboard

✓   Balance Sheet

✓   Balance Sheet Details

✓   Profit and Loss

✓   Income Statement



✓   Dashboard

✓   Item Analysis

✓   Production Details


✓   Operations Orders and Logistics

✓   Order Fulfilment

✓   Freight Analysis

✓   On-time Delivery

✓   Aging Analysis Dashboard


✓   Dashboard

✓   Yield

✓   Details

We have provided BI platforms for these manufacturing companies in the Philippines: