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The Healthcare Industry continues to transition and innovate to cater the needs of the growing market. The industry’s digital transformation allows institutions to deliver better care in the most cost-efficient manner. With the increased patient expectations and higher expectations towards healthcare products, services, and treatments, most healthcare providers are now shifting to invest in intelligent solutions and platforms that will ___ their clinical, operational, and financial decisions. Healthcare organizations’ investment in new tools and technology helps them to effectively drive transformation in the industry and ultimately, thrive in the time of value-based care and balance better patient outcomes.

MTC, as a solutions provider for cross-industry companies and organizations, aims to help healthcare institutions and facilities improve their outcomes, streamline their processes and operations, identify financial risks, and retain their most valuable health consumers (patients, members, employees) by properly utilizing their extensive networks of data. MTC works with the industry’s highly trained professionals to turn a company’s ever-increasing volumes of data into cutting edge and significant insights and predictions that will drive efficiency in clinical, financial, and operational decisions across the whole enterprise.

As the only Select Partner in the Philippines, MTC deploys the Qlik platform for healthcare organizations to explore clinical, financial, and operational data through visual analytics. Through this platform, insights will be discovered which lead to the overall improvement in care, reduced costs, and higher value to patients.

As a solutions provider, MTC endeavours to help you achieve the following:

  • Leverage predictive analytics to optimize patient marketing campaigns, messaging, and operations.
  • Optimize revenue cycle management and revenue prediction
  • Use analytics to understand member hospital inpatient length of stay and risk for readmission
  • Integrate AI-driven insights into clinical solutions, patient engagement applications, and healthcare operating systems
  • Accurately forecast staffing needs with predictive analytics in healthcare

In response to the challenges in the healthcare industry, MTC designed solutions and services that will cater to the organization’s needs and demands.


✓  ER Dashboard

✓  Patient Arrival Time

✓  Treatment Diagnosis

✓  Readmissions


✓  Revenue Summary

✓  Revenue by Payor

✓  Revenue by Service


✓  Executive Dashboard

✓  Patient Traffic Trends

✓  Physician Performance

✓  Patient Summary

✓  Readmission


✓  Dashboard

✓  Satisfaction Analysis

✓  Site Analysis

Some of the biggest and trusted brands in the Healthcare industry trust MTC for their cutting-edge data solutions