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Why Qlik Clicks for Your Business

Studies across the world has claimed that the world’s most valuable resource today is no longer oil, but data. It has become a common notion that we define data as the “new oil”. Currently, data has been a significant resource for every enterprise around the world. But while lots of potentials can derive from raw data, businesses and companies are also buried with too much data. The challenge now is how to fully maximize the available data to use this for today’s digital transformation in the business landscape. Research suggests that despite of having too much data within the company, people might only be analyzing 10% of business-relevant data. To add, only 32% of executives say they can create value from data, while only 24% of decision-makers are data-literate. This shows that putting these data into action can be tough and somehow be neglected. x

One major player in the field of business intelligence is changing all those norms. Qlik, an end-to-end cloud data integration and data analytics solutions for modern business intelligence, is closing the gap between raw data and insights you can act on. In tackling the complex challenges of transforming data into real business value, Qlik continues to provide continuous intelligence by combining data integration and data analytics solutions with data literacy as serving offerings. This delivers the industry’s only end-to-end approach to Active Intelligence (based on continuous intelligence derived from real-time, up-to-date information, and is specifically designed to take or trigger immediate actions).

Relevant Data to Actionable Data

Qlik builds the industry’s leading data integration platforms so decision makers can find all the relevant data that they should be using. Qlik’s real-time Data Integration Platform (formerly Attunity) supports the company’s data strategy independent of cloud, service, or analytics products. Through data acquisition, replication, preparation, and cataloging, businesses and companies can take their data from being raw to analytics ready. Qlik is specifically designed to enable modern data architectures and deliver on the promise of DataOps for Analytics. Using this platform feature, companies and businesses can stream data pipelines with change data capture, automate the process from raw to analytics-ready data, and make data easily accessible with an enterprise data catalog.


Actionable Data to Actionable Insights

A full range of analytics use cases across the organization is possible with Qlik’s AI-driven Data Analytics Platform. This encompasses conversational to self-service and embedded discovery, as well as augments and enhances human intuition with automated AI-powered insights and natural language interaction. A new Cognitive Engine into Qlik Sense was introduced in 2018 aiming to complement the associative engine and add AI capabilities to enhance and augment the user. It focuses on the usage of AI in a fundamental way to make users more effective across the analytics life cycle, thus the term “Augmented Intelligence”. Another feature is the precedent-based machine learning into the engine, which basically makes more relevant and contextual suggestions based on a variety of inputs. A game changer in the industry, the machine learning includes user behavior and feedback, Qlik artifacts, business rules from global libraries, and more.

Data Literacy as a Service

To make sure that data is effectively used and analyzed, Qlik invests on people’s skills as much as it invests on technology. It represents a holistic approach designed to drive a data-informed culture in the business and companies. This service includes enterprise support to optimize the organization’s mission-critical analytics, always-on consulting and education to increase the value of technology and processes, and a data-literacy education and adoption program to fully maximize the value of the people.

Unique Technology

With almost three decades of being a leader in the industry, employing over 2,000 people worldwide, and servicing more than 50,000 customers in over 100 countries, Qlik always continues to seek innovation and move forward as we enter the new decade. Qlik helps close the gaps between data, insights, and actions to better inform decisions, drive actions, and propel the business forward. Since the inception of new products and services, Qlik continues to rapidly innovate the platform by adding significant new sets of features and capabilities. As of today, Qlik prides itself for its unique technology that puts the business out front and increases their market and business value.

To start with, Qlik has the Real-Time Data Replication and Automation. This unique “agent-less” Change Data Capture Technology, couple with automated data transformation and preparation, delivers trusted data at cloud-scale to the data lake or cloud-native data warehouse of your choosing. Another significant unique feature of Qlik is its Associative Analytics. On query-based tools, customers will only get the answers and insights that they are looking. However, with Qlik Associative Engine, users can now uncover hidden insights such as products that did not sell or the demographics of potential market. It is specifically designed to foster interactive, free-form search and exploration compared to force linear thinking by the way of pre-determined questions so common of other query-based tools.

Qlik believes that instead of a “black box” approach to AI, machine intelligence should work with human exploration across a range of user experience. When Qlik’s associative capabilities merged with the cognitive engine, a new world of AI-driven possibilities emerges. With these features combined, every picture of the data can be examined in every angle, making the cognitive engine equally context-aware, relevant, and impactful when generating insights, thus the Augmented Analytics.

With Qlik’s holistic approach to data-driven transformation and MTC’s commitment, as its only Select Partner in the Philippines, to deliver real business value among its customers locally, every company can reinvent their customer experience and business processes to ultimately make informed decisions that will drive their business into success.



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