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MTC @ 12: Fueling Your Data to Empower Your Organizations

“The company that we envisioned is always anchored on our vision of creating a digitally-transformed enterprises and workplaces. This is possible by providing customer-centric and cutting-edge IT solutions to businesses across the country”.

In May 2009, a breakthrough has happened.

For homegrown IT solutions provider company Micropinnacle Technology Corporation (MTC), the key to thrive in the challenging IT business landscape is to nurturing people’s talents and relationships. Throughout their 12 years in providing technological innovations to businesses in the Philippines, MTC has been a home to budding and high-calibre local IT solutions experts and a provider to top-notch cross-industry companies in the country.

A step forward to a man’s vision

MTC, like any other organizations, was a product of an idea and passion for one’s craft. But unlike any other organizations, the company started with a briefcase. For Gener Manantan, this passion encompasses a dream of establishing a company that integrates IT solutions and implements customized technological applications to meet the various needs of different organizations. Backed up by his previous IT experience and dedication, he and business partner Joanne Tan formed MTC with nothing but pure determination and commitment to deliver quality IT solutions to different enterprises. With a virtual office and armed with a briefcase containing all his notes, plans, and contacts, he navigated the fast-paced and demanding world of IT solutions.

A year after they were first established, MTC became an authorized reseller of Qlik, an end-to-end self-service data analytics tool, in the Philippines. Slowly, their contacts grew, and they have reached the right market for their solution. With compelling ideas and inspiring ideals, the two of them built the strong foundation of MTC as a leader in providing effective business solutions. Gradual but significant changes welcomed MTC as they introduced yet another pioneer team members. By the end of 2010, MTC has had three customers and moved to a small office space in Makati City.

Gener’s vision is slowly coming into fruition in just the first two years of establishing MTC. In 2011, MTC closed deals with four large companies from mining, FMCG, and insurance industries. Two more employees were added, bringing the total employee count to six. In 2012, MTC has closed a few more significant deals with different clients. In three years since its inception, the company had already been servicing and providing solutions to 11 cross-industry organizations. As a way of paying-it-forward, MTC, in cooperation with non-government organization Vision Translators of Tomorrow Inc., has also launched its corporate responsibility arm, the MTC Christmas Assistance and Resources Enhancement Support, or MTC C.A.R.E.S. It has since become an annual tradition and initiative of the company to give back to select citizens, especially every December.


The team during the MTC CARES last December 2021 in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur

Expansion and Growth

The first few years of MTC was welcomed with opportunities and challenges. Like any other growing companies, MTC had faced roadblocks and shortcomings. Founders and the earliest team members have experienced the birth pain of establishing a new industry player in the market. “Because we are considerably new in the business, it has become a challenge for us to introduce the company to a wider target audience. Of course, established companies would go for a far more known solutions provider than us. But we took that challenge to heart, and we let our work create a positive rippling effect to the industry players and to our target market”, remarks Joanne Tan, President and COO. As the company continues to grow their network and expand their reach, one thing was also always certain: the provision of learning experience and exposure of their employees. Gener always considers his team members as his co-pilots – they both work together to achieve the company goals as the latter helps them reach their full potentials.

With multiple re-orders from new and existing clients leading to a gradual but significant growth of their customer base plus the addition of new team members, MTC has reached another milestone—moving to a more permanent, and larger working space in Makati business district. That small step has beaconed successes for the company as the customer base has reached to 30 unique companies from different industries – retail, telecom, shipping, logistics, and public sector.

MTC’s 10th Anniversary in 2019


MTC for BlackLine event in Manila
CEO Gener Manantan during a forum for BlackLine in Manila

In 2017, MTC was recognized as the only Select Partner of Qlik in the country, a recognition bestowed only to top performing local partners of Qlik in different countries. It was also the same year when MTC extended its expertise and services to some of the leaders of real estate, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries in the country. With its continued growing passion in providing digital transformation, MTC became the only Filipino partner of BlackLine, a finance & accounting automation software, in the Philippines. From two employees in 2009, MTC became a two dozen-strong team of dedicated and passionate solutions consultants and architects.

On its 10th anniversary in 2019, MTC added Alteryx, a predictive and advanced analytics tool, in its roster of growing and cutting-edge portfolio of business solutions.

Presently, MTC has served 72 customers and has more than 2,000 end-users.


Moving forward to new normal

The global pandemic may have caused a few setbacks for the team members and the company, but it was never a hindrance to continue soaring high. “We know that times were difficult especially during the lockdown, but we cannot let everybody down too – ourselves, our employees, our partners, and our clients. We sought of ways on how to continue moving forward and find the silver lining in this current situation. While we were working remotely, we never stopped responding to our clients’ needs and reaching out to a more diverse target market in need of IT solutions. We innovate and we translate our vision into reality, regardless of the imminent challenges”, shares Joanne Tan.

Despite of the challenges brought upon by the pandemic and economic factors, MTC remains steadfast in achieving its mission of empowering companies through tactical, tailor-fitted, and simplified data analytics and services. Now on its 12th year, MTC is more inspired to deliver a data-driven culture and digitally transformed community and businesses. Innovations and more advances are in place to better serve the clienteles and provide employees with a home for learning and further development. “We are always one step ahead of our game and we are very ecstatic to reveal soon the plans that we have to further our clients’ growth and success. Our clients fuel our passion, and our team members inspire us to keep on reigniting that passion”. Tan quips.

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