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Get Ahead with your Data: Join the QlikWorld Online 2020 for FREE

How can data be a catalyst of change for a more progressive business, and most importantly, for a better world? This and more can be answered in this year’s most anticipated virtual global event inspiring fresh ideas and first-hand success stories that renew your passion for data and analytics.

Qlik, one of the world’s leading end-to-end data integration and data analytics solution, is revolutionizing the way business leaders, analysts, and leadership team converge and provide innovative ways to get the best insights out of their data as it reintroduces  the annual QlikWorld (formerly Qlik Connections) with QlikWorld Online 2020, now a two-day free global online event taking place on June 24-25, 2020.

The global online conference will have more than 110 different breakout sessions to help companies and business leaders gain more value and insights from their data. Furthermore, the scheduled breakout sessions will help business leaders, analysts, and decision makers maximize the functionality of Qlik’s extensive portfolio of different products. The online conference will also hold discussions on the most promising and pressing topics on the field of data analytics and data integration, as well as tackling the Qlik roadmap which showcases future enhancements, releases, and integrations that will enhance the way businesses work with their data and analytics.

To give more in-depth analysis about the Qlik practices, there will be sessions with rich selection of customer case studies that will demonstrate how industry expertise and best practices drive more value from the pool of significant data available to us nowadays.

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